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"For many years I've proudly applauded my friend Ann Kenyon's magnificent art. Her brilliant portraits are totally unique and personal. We can fully embrace fresh visual experiences radiating from her inspired paintings.

Her simple pencil sketches and major oils hold the eye. Every time viewed, we discover something new. A likeness is always a hope in portraiture but bringing real life to the subject is a rare talent. Let me add that Ann's verbal descriptions about the world around contain the same drama with added surprises; all that a fascinating life allows. It is this magic that finds its way in to her works, why I love to see her paintings and will fascinate over them for years to come.

When I see Ann's works, I see her absorbed with each stroke and often sense her feelings when she is finished and stands back, spirited by what she's created. Every Ann Kenyon work reveals a living moment in someone's life. Legacies immortalized for future generations. Bravo, my dear friend."

----- Harley Brown
Renowned Artist, Writer and Musician

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